Divorce law in Switzerland

divorce law in switzerland

Understanding Swiss Divorce Law and Its Advantages

Divorce law in Switzerland is a topic that demands thoughtful consideration, especially for couples looking for an amicable separation, i.e., without lawyers nor tribunal. Swiss divorce law provides a unique opportunity for residents, irrespective of nationality. This law could be more advantageous compared to other countries’ laws, and a Swiss divorce can, in most cases, be recognized internationally.

A Decade of Experience in Online Divorce and Separation Mediation

Amiable.ch has over ten years of experience in conducting separation and divorce mediations. Each case is distinct, with some requiring minimal paperwork assistance, while others need more extensive dialogue to resolve specific issues of the divorce.

Innovative and Cost-Effective Online Approach

Our unique online strategy is designed to adapt to each individual case, reducing overall costs and providing competitive pricing in Switzerland. This method allows clients to choose mediation or legal expert proposals, ensuring a solution that aligns closely with their requirements.

The Process of Online Divorce in Switzerland

How to divorce in Switzerland? The process requires physical presence in court for a hearing. In the case of an amicable divorce, there is only one short hearing, approximately 20 minutes, where the judge simply confirms the agreement sent beforehand. With amiable.ch, all the preparatory work can be done online, by phone or videoconference.

Tailored Solutions and Expert Support

How to divorce in Switzerland with minimal complexity? Depending on the case, filling out our online forms might suffice. Our team of professional mediators and legal experts ensures that the entire separation or divorce process, from A to Z, is handled efficiently and in compliance with Swiss law.

Considerations in Coparenting and Financial Matters

In cases involving children, issues like parental authority and custody are addressed. Financial aspects, such as asset division and spousal support, are also managed. Our legal experts make sure all actions are lawful.

Affordable Flat-Rate Divorce and Separation Services

Amiable.ch offers a flat-rate fee structure to manage divorces and separations. This all-inclusive pricing covers the full case management, ensuring affordability and efficiency. The cost for a separation is CHF 380, and for a divorce, CHF 530, including individual counseling up to 40 minutes and complete document preparation and submission. Additional hours are billed at the rate of CHF 195 per hour.

Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

Our services are available to anyone residing in Switzerland, whether married or unmarried, with or without children, and with or without assets to divide. Our approach is flexible, accommodating the specific needs and complexities of each case, providing one of the most cost-effective solutions in Switzerland.

In conclusion, divorce law in Switzerland allows for divorcing in Switzerland based on residency, not nationality, potentially offering more favorable conditions than other countries’ laws. At amiable.ch, we facilitate the entire divorce process online, providing services in English, with court documents in French or German, ensuring a smooth, legally compliant, and cost-effective divorce experience.

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